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Microbiology Conferences 2016

6th Euro Virology Congress and Expo

Madrid, Spain

International Conference and Expo on Water Microbiology & Novel Technologies

Chicago, USA

3rd Global Microbiologists Annual Meeting

Portland, USA

International Conference on Mycology & Mushrooms

San Antonio, USA

4th World Congress and Expo on Applied Microbiology

Las Vegas, USA

2nd World Congress on Beneficial Microbes: Food, Pharma, Aqua & Beverages Industry

Phoenix, USA

5th International Conference on Microbial Physiology and Genomics

London, UK

International Conference on Infectious Diseases & Diagnostic Microbiology

Vancouver, Canada

International Conference and Summit on Industrial and Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Kualalumpur, Malaysia

International Conference on Medical Parasitology and Zoology

Houston, USA

Global Veterinary Microbiology and Veterinary Medicine Summit

Chicago, USA

International Conference on Human Papillomavirus

Chicago, USA

6th Clinical Microbiology Conference

Rome, Italy

3rd World Congress and Expo on Applied Microbiology

Dubai, UAE

7th World Congress on Microbiology

Valencia, Spain

9th Global Medical Microbiology Summit & Expo

San Francisco, USA

8th World Congress on Virology

San Antonio, USA

5th Global Congress on Environmental Microbiology

Atlanta, USA

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