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Conferenceseries is an online open access publisher and a scientific event organizer. Conferenceseries publishes around 700 peer-reviewed scholarly Open access journals and Conferenceseries Conferences organizes more than 1000+ global events every year in the light of sourcing the information the group publishes. With the mission of making healthcare and scientific information open access. In addition to providing free access to scientific information, this open access publisher and scientific event organizer collaborated with various national and international not-for-profit scientific associations of around 1000. Conferenceseries Meetings brings renowned speakers and scientists across the globe, poster presenters, young researchers, business-to-business partners, academicians, and industry professional. International conferences organized by Conferenceseries are familiar in global networking;

Microbiology conferences host presentations from experts across the world in the field of microbiology. These microbiology conferences create awareness and understanding of the work done by the scientists and professors working in the various fields of microbiology like bacteriology, which deals with research on bacteria and their types; virology, which deals with the latest research on viruses, prions and other types of viruses and the drugs to combat against the infections and recent out-breaks of viruses like Ebola; mycology, which deals with the current research on fungi- their physiology and genetics; parasitology which deals with the latest research and developments on parasites and their host interactions- beneficial and harmful; molecular microbiology is one of the core areas in the inter-disciplinary fields of molecular biology and microbiology that deals with the microbes at their molecular level. Conferences also include poster presentations, Young Research Forum, pre-conference and conference workshops, International Symposiums apart from the various speaker sessions.

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